Friday, April 06, 2007

This is Paige's baby, and I don't just mean any baby she has lots of those, but this is THE baby. Just as another example of murphy's law of course this baby has been discontinued! I paid $9 for this one which I thought was a bit much little did I know I'd be paying $15 each for two more! This one seems to always need washing since she chews on the knots on the hat and drags it everywhere. Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to take Trace to school I looked over and saw her "feeding" baby. Of course she was "feeding" herself too! Then when she was done she just picked everything up and marched off like it was perfectly normal. What a funny girl!

As for the rest of us, we are all still about the same. Rick spent last week in Milwaukee getting the new base off the ground. Wednesday was his first day back in Chicago and wouldn't you know it there was a huge semi accident on the freeway and it took him over three hours to get to work! We still haven't taken the house off the market. I'm kind of leaving that up to Rick and he still needs to work out details with Jason. As far as school goes we are still in limbo. I've been told that the amount of aid we might get from the school isn't any where near where we would need it to be. So, while I wait on an answer from above I will be looking into the local public school as well. I haven't heard anything bad about it which is comforting!

My mom was out for a visit last week. We had a whirlwind week of running around, shopping and juggling three kids. It was great having her here and the kids loved every minute of it! Well I need to get moving today because apparently Easter is just two days away (Caden reminds me hourly) and I've done practically nothing! So it is off to Walmart with three kids for me!

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Stacy said...

She's walking! When did that happen?

Just ask lots of questions and use your gut. The right public school can be a really good thing.