Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maiden voyage ...

The boys had a blast camping this weekend. The camp ground certainly left something to be desired as far as the adults were concerned, but the boys found a little gully/canyon and decided they would be quite happy if we moved there permanently! They seriously spent every minute we would allow down there and came back muddy, exhausted and happy! Paige adapted very well to the great outdoors. She quickly discovered the joys of wandering off, both to get Mommy to chase her as well as to explore! Apparently the rocks tasted quite nice and the dirt wasn't so bad either. She managed to wear herself out though and slept beautifully. Well enough that I'm willing to discuss the next trip!

We got home early afternoon on Sunday and decided to wash the six inches of mud off the Suburban. Caden and Paige laughed and shreiked away while Daddy squirted them with the hose. Trace was apparently too 'mature' for that so he sat on the sidewalk getting his baseball cards organized. We are all exhausted from our "vacation" and heading to bed early now!
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