Thursday, April 26, 2007

Summer is comming!

We had a nice warm day last Saturday so I put this outfit on to try and get at least one use out of it. Nana bought it a long time ago and we thought it wouldn't fit Paige because it is only a 6-9 month! It fit though but thank goodness it only cost $1.47 because she got berry stains on it that I can't seem to get out now! Sorry Nana!
I don't have time for a long update because Caden is sitting on the couch telling me to get my buns moving. He is anxious to get the trailer loaded for our maiden camping voyage with Paige this weekend. We are only going a 1/2 hour away so if it is a miserable failure then oh-well! I think we'll be fine though. The weather is supposed to cooperate thank goodness.
New's on the home front...
Let's see. Caden is officially finished with speech therapy! I think he is as happy as I am about it - one less thing to do every week. Trace scored the only goal for his team last Saturday! He was SO excited and grinned from ear to ear. He was also exhausted because there were no subs for the game! Caden almost got a goal but the ref blew the whistle just before he got there, oh-well, maybe next time! Paige has finally moved up to a size three shoe! I have spent the last two days hunting for shoes for her. Let me tell you, they don't think anyone with size three feet should be walking because there are very few hard sole shoes in that size. And apparently they feel that if a little girl that size is walking then she should only be dressed up and certainly not near any dirt! Everything is dressy or all pink or white!! I almost bought her some little boy ones but finally caved and got some pink and white that seemed to fit her better. If she ever decides that being outside is ok then they will be filthy!
Well, got to get my "buns moving" as Caden put it!

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B-Banshee said...

I just love her little red outfit. Did the berry stains come out? With the warmer weather maybe she can wear it again. We sure do miss you guys.


Bailey & Liliana :o)