Sunday, February 05, 2006

A New Chapter in Our Lives...

Since China is dragging its feet we went ahead and adopted two fuzzy babies. We had promised the boys for a year now that they could get a cat so I finally quit dragging my feet about it. I took them to the Humane Society to let them choose. After an hour of debating (and petting) they finally settled on these two. Lucy is a year old and a long haired tabby. She is very sweet and cautious. At the moment we can't find her, so she is obviously good at hiding too!
Tigger is seven months old and a short haired striped tabby. His previous owners called the humane society to claim they found a cat with a broken hip. Their plan was to let the Humane society do the surgery then go in and get him back for the fifty dollar adoption fee!! Fortunately the Humane Society found out and wouldn't release him back to them unless refunded the cost of the surgery. Needless to say, he is now ours! You can see his surgery scar in the picture of him and where the fur is still growing back. He walks with a definate limp and has a hard time jumping on anything (that isn't such a bad thing!). So, I guess you could say we adopted a special needs kitty. Other than that he is a pretty funny boy! He LOVES the little "fur" ball that we bought him and likes to go chasing after it on our hardwood floors. He loves people and follows me around 'talking'. Now if I can just get Trace to quit following him everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Cool site! Do you want one more cat? Just kidding! We love Tiggs

Anonymous said...

Cute kitties!!