Thursday, February 02, 2006

I FINALLY did It!!

It has only taken me five months, but I finally managed to publish some pictures! Hopefully I have it down now and can add more soon.

Mom and I got the nursery done between Christmas and new years. We had a lot of fun and are pretty proud of the way it turned out.

This month is a tough one for us since we were expecting our referral in January. Now, we have no idea when to expect it. The rumors predict anywhere from April to August! I am praying for May (not that April wouldn't be fine - just not expected). We know that our little girl is somewhere in China and we are anxious to meet her and bring her home!

On a final note... we are all settled in to our new home in Chicago! The boys are adjusting and all of our parents have been out to visit. Trace is dissapointed that we have not had the promised snow, but he is starting to like school. Caden is having fun with Mommy at home for now. Our home in Battle Ground sold and now we are starting the process of buying the home we are living in. We love our new house - Thank you Todd and Jen!

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