Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Business

The craziness of late summer and Fall have kept us busy!  We spent August trying to get settled in to the new house between daily football practices.  The boys both returned to the same teams they were on last year (in Caden's case, the last three years).  It has been a great season for both of them.  Caden ended last season with us thinking maybe he needed to start thinking of a different sport.  This year he is ending on a much stronger note.  He has found the thrill of a great tackle!  We are really proud of the growth he has made!  For the last three years his team has gone to the playoffs and twice on to championship wins.  This season they broke their streak - no playoffs this time around.  Bummer.  

Caden is #82 on the Bears (Dk. blue/white)

Trace is #47 on the Falcons (burgundy/gold)

Trace has had another great year of growth!  He is a coach's dream the way he wants to learn and picks up things quickly.  He has played darned near every position this season because he is so versital.  Anytime a kid is injured they are yelling for Trace to put him in to the position because they know he won't fail them.  He has, however, learned through much trial and error that he is not cut out to play center.  It is a position he likes but just can't take the pressure of having to perform perfectly every time.  We were all shocked to see him get into his first fight on the field this year too!  If you know Trace, you know how unlike him that is.  I think he earned himself a whole new level of respect from his team mates though!  Last year they made the playoffs but didn't continue.  This year they will again be at the playoffs and have a good chance of moving on to the championships too!  Either way there will be tears when the season ends - he absolutely LOVES playing and would play year round if he could! 

Of course all that practice mixed with school leads to one exhausted kid!  He offered to read to Paige at bedtime one night - 1/2 hour later this is what Rick found.  Apparently she read him to sleep instead.

We made our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch.  After 96 days of no rain (an all time record), the clouds opened up on the only day we had available to go!  Ahhh, but what's a little rain when you're from the NorthWest? 

Of course we had both boy's birthday's as well.  Caden turned 11 this year and Trace is now a 14 year old. I have pictures of Caden's birthday also but they are on my computer which has died!  So here is our goofball Trace with his cake - baked by Grandma and decorated by Dad.
So, as usuall things have been crazy!  I don't have very high hopes of keeping this blog up on too regular of a basis anymore - but I still plan to try!  Unfortunately, Facebook has become a far more popular way of staying in touch and no one really comes here any more.  I do love the chance to just type the story of our life though!

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Stacy said...

oh my! your kids are getting SO BIG, Coco! What a sweet bunch of fun...