Friday, June 15, 2012

The end of another school year...

We followed the final festivities with lunch at Burgerville and a trip to the Scholastic warehouse book sale where we got a good headstart on our summer reading!

  And what a year it has been!Trace played football, tried out the Jr. ROTC, unicycled and ran for ASB.  He worked his tail off to bring two low grades up to finish with four B's and three A's.  In the process I think he learned a lot about the benefit of studying and doing his best on everything!  He has grown taller than me and his voice has deepened.  He is turning into a wonderful young man right before our eyes!
Caden played football and wrestled this year.  He learned a lot about managing relationships both at home and at school.  His grades were exemplary and he constantly impressed us with his WWII knowledge!  He is a sensitive soul whose tears started flowing as we waved goodbye today!
Paige went through a lot of change this year.  She started the year as a brand new kindergartner and finished today ready to start second grade.  We are so proud of the way she transitioned to a new grade level and delt with the challenges she encountered!  She too learned a lot about relationships this year and how to be a friend and how to stand up for herself.  
All three kids have made us so proud as we watch them grow and move up through the years.  We couldn't be more blessed!
And now it is time for summer!  We don't have any big travel plans this year.  All three kids have some church daycamps they will be going to.  Paige and I are going to a one day camp for adoptees that our agency runs, and Trace has a week long overnight camp also.  Throw in a surgery for me, wisdom teeth removal for Trace, a family reunion, and football practice and I'd say we'll be keeping ourselves busy!  I hope to get some book reading in, library trips, Hawaiian shave ice, swimming and hiking too!
Paige's end of the year assembly was especially emotional since her school is being closed .

We made it to Caden's school in time to see him run around the school one last time.  This is a fun tradition to send the fourth graders off to middle school.  A few teachers usually climb on the roof to hit the unsuspecting runners with water balloons too!  A little bitter-sweet for Mom to watch - seems like just yesterday Trace did it!

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