Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life is such a gift…


I couldn’t decide which collage I liked the best, so you get them both!


If there is one lesson thing I’ve learned about life it is that it is not a guarantee.  It passes us by so quickly.  One day we are anxiously awaiting our high school graduation and the next we are watching our children walk across that stage.  One thing I have never wanted was to grow up.  I remember fervently praying as a child for God to please let me stay young.  And yet here I am nearly 40 years old.  My children are growing before my eyes and I am growing old(er).  Part of me still wants to beg God to not let me grow any older but I know now that that is futile.  We are all nothing more than a vapor in the wind of time.  So why do we spend so much of our time on unimportant things?  All that matters is people.  Our memories will live on in people and a life we touch today may continue touching countless others long after we are gone.  The kitchen floor may be sticky, you can’t walk through the garage, clothes are balanced precariously on top of the washer and dryer and dinner is only mac-n-cheese, but if the backyard is crawling with children whose shrieks and laughter echo throughout the neighborhood, you know you are loved and you can crawl into bed each night knowing you are blessed more than anyone deserves then really, does anything else matter?

“…I just want something beautiful…”

Something Beautiful by NeedtoBreathe


Jill said...

So true, so true! Love the picture collages!

Bailey said...

Wow, what a beautiful post. I know how you feel about wanting to stop time (stay young), but I am loving this time in my life and I look forward to what the future will bring. Enjoy life!