Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree hunting, Red & Green games and Gingerbread houses…

The kids in front of the final choice…


Trace had a try at sawing…


Caden had a try.  And I just gave it some thought!


The kids say this is why you don’t take teenagers tree hunting with you!



Trace’s school sends the kids off to Christmas Vacation with the Red and Green games every year.  Each class is assigned a color (red or green) and a boys and girls team from each grade is chosen in each color, to play a 10 minute basketball game.  Of course the best game is the teachers against the eighth graders!  The kids are so wound up and excited that you can’t help getting into it with them! 


Trace (standing on the right) was Red this year (obviously).  The eighth grade boys pulled off a win for the red in the last few minutes! Yay!


Today we made our annual gingerbread houses.  Every year we have made them with the same friends so it is definitely a tradition!  I was especially amazed at how much more detailed the houses looked this year over past years.  One more sign of how they are all growing up!  If I can find some past year’s pictures I’ll try to post them side by side.




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Jill said...

Lots of Christmas fun! Graham cracker houses always a hit! Hope you have a great Christmas we will have to chat next week sometime!