Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Paige had her preschool Christmas program, the boys had parties and I finished up my last day of work for the year! The end of the week was pretty insane and by Thursday night I had reached my peak stress level. Then as each event passed on Friday the stress dropped - Whew! Friday night I met Rick at the airport to fly with him for the end of his trip to Eugene. We knew all day the plane would be late (thank you wonderful San Francisco airport). So I wound up with five hours to try and stay awake kill in the airport. After two I was loosing the battle! By midnight we finally boarded and by 2 am we finally turned the light off in our hotel room! What a night. Saturday though, we slept in really late.
We wandered the mall and I even got in a little nap before heading back to the airport. Of course, that flight was late too. Apparently everyone else on the flight decided to drive so I wound up being the only passenger on the plane! Talk about service! The kids would have loved it.
So now we are on to the week before Christmas! Today I am finishing housework so that we can bake gingerbread men, sugar cookies and build gingerbread houses the next few days. Is it Friday yet?

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