Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween and beyond…

This year we had a Whoopie Cushion a Ninja and a BLUE Butterfly.  We were lucky to have Rick home again so that I could go out for the first run then he went for the second (and longer) one.  Works for me!P1080130-2


Paige and Carson were so cute holding hands as we walked through the neighborhood.  Awww…P1080135-2

In other happenings;  Trace seems to have gotten the message and things are going better at school.  He’s a good kid, just needed a little reminder. 

With Caden we have made some changes in his life that I wish we had made years ago.  No need lamenting what could have been though – now we just look forward to the future!  He is a new kid and it is truly amazing.  I’m having fun with him and enjoying having him around now – WOW!

Today both boys began their adventures in orthodontia.  Trace had it relatively easy with just an upper spacer being put in.  Poor kid didn’t get much sympathy though when his brother had four teeth pulled and a spacer put in!  Next week he goes in for his upper spacer which should be a piece of cake after today.  

Coming up next will be Caden’s football Championship game on Saturday.  We are so proud of him and his team for making it two years in a row!  Trace’s friend birthday party and final soccer game next week.  Whew – then life slows down, right?


Bailey said...

The Whoopie Cushion is hilarious. Paige made a beautiful butterfly. Happy Halloween!

Jill said...

Matthew was a ninja too...truly two peas in a pod those two boys! Glad Halloween was good! Glad to hear things are better with your boys!