Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping for a 12 Year Old

Hmm... So, Trace says he really, really, really wants an Ipod Touch this year. As his mom I really, really, really want to get him his heart's desire. But there are just a couple of problems with his request. The most obvious issue is the price. At $239 it would pretty much break the bank. Not to mention, I personally think that $239 is an awful lot for a gift for one person - especially a twelve year old! The next issue is the internet connection. We have a strict policy of no internet in our house unless it is in an open, family area. Giving him internet access to carry in his pocket seems to go a bit against this. Rick and I decided to go in to Best Buy and see if they had any other options we might find acceptable. We found a nice, friendly clerk and asked his opinion. We told him our son was twelve and that a Touch just wasn't happening. I lost hope when he asked why we didn't want him to have internet access - umm, did you miss the part about him being twelve?! Admittedly we asked the wrong clerk, he was maybe all of 20 years old. Next time we'll find an elderly (by Best Buy standards, like 40 something) clerk to talk to.
Needless to say, we still haven't found an alternative. In a few moments of weakness I've toyed with the idea of getting him a laptop (like Black Friday cheap one), or a cell phone. But I quickly remind myself that he is TWELVE! What is left to get him at 14, 15, 16? So, at this point we still have no ideas for him. It looks like he will be getting a variety of little things and not have "the one big thing he wants most" included. I guess that's ok too.
I'm trying to figure out if I am just terribly old fashioned/behind the times or if the world is pushing these kids along too fast? I know that in a lot of ways kids are growing up much faster than we did but isn't that the way things have always been? Doesn't each generation seem to push the boundaries a little more? How do you know, as a parent, which areas to allow and which to fight? We've chosen to fight the over sexualization of little girls; Paige isn't allowed to wear clothes with writing on the backside, shirts that show her belly with arms stretched above her head, bikinis, heals, or makeup. She is going to push and already has, but it is something we are pretty passionate about and intend to hold firm on for as long as possible. We have also been a bit "restrictive" with movies and video games. PG13 ratings are given for a reason and given by people who's values are far lower than ours therefore we abide by them. Our kids will tell you that they can't watch PG13 or play Teen games because if they play them now there won't be anything for them to play when they are teenagers. There have been a couple of exceptions, but only after very careful consideration! Children have always wanted to be grownup and grownups have always wished for their youth back, it's an age old conundrum. I guess I'd rather my kids seem a bit innocent or naive. They only get one chance to be kids. As we all know adulthood lasts far longer. I am always hoping that we are making the right choices for them. It isn't always easy that's for sure. Someday they'll thank us for it right? Right? Yeah, that's what I thought!


Hillard Family said...

The touch is top on Wyatt's list too and not gonna happen. He does have a cell phone but no internet on it. We don't have an Xbox so we opted for a group gift of an Xbox and smaller gifts for each person. I have been looking at the little net books for Wyatt too but wasn't able to get the deal I was looking for so it isn't gonna happen either. He actually asked for a Xbox game that was M17, I told him it was rated for over 17, similar to rated R movie. He was irritated but understood, I think it was Modernwar or something like that. They have also asked several times to play Halo always the same answer, NO. I laugh at my friends who tell me they are strict and then let their kids play those games. One friend actually told me, just turn down the volume, duh! So not the point and should you really be showing my kid how to get around my rules! I totally understand your delima!!!

Anonymous said...

We so respect the guidelines you have set for the kids. The boys know what TV show or game is "appropriate" as they call it and ask us to change to something acceptable for them. . . . That doesn't happen much in today's world. They accept the guidelines and I've never heard them complain about not being able to see certain movies or shows. . . . You are doing a great job. . . Keep up the good work!!!