Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy days

Wow!  What a week we just had!  For my new job I was required to take a class on Non-violent Crisis Intervention –12 credit hours earned over four nights.  With a husband who travels and three kids with activities that isn’t easy.  (thank you Mom and Ed!)  So this week I had that on Monday and Wednesday nights and on Tuesday night I had CPR training for work!  Thursday I picked the boys up early from school for a visit to the orthodontist.  We’ve been going every six months and are always told to come back in six more months.  I strongly suspected Trace was about to the point of starting but I was a bit shocked when he said Caden was ready too!!  Holy cow – doesn’t having them three years apart buy me three years between treatments?  Apparently not if the second one’s mouth is a far bigger mess.  So Trace will be getting a spacer on November 4th and poor Caden will be getting four teeth pulled and a spacer on the top AND bottom!  I got to go into the special little room to “go over the details” – Ahem, the BILL.  Good thing the Suburban is almost paid off.  Well after that appointment we took Trace to unicycle then raced home to get both boys ready and out the door to practices.  So another day where I was gone 8-7 basically.  Let me tell you, I was pretty exhausted by Friday!

Work is going well for me.  It isn’t my favorite job of all time, but it is ok for now.  The kids are all doing well.  Caden has adjusted very well to being back at his old school which has been a huge relief to see.  Paige is having fun in preschool despite the fact that they (at my request) are riding her pretty hard.  We are trying to get her to play with the other kids rather than follow the adults around or just sit in the book corner.  She isn’t happy about it but is making an effort. 

A wonderful friend stopped by last night and surprised us with free tickets to the pumpkin patch so I think we are going to try to get there this morning.  Guess I’d better get moving!

I’ve been really slacking on the picture taking lately (wonder why?) but here is one of an awfully cute little guy.  Cruz is 4.5 months old now and just the happiest little guy.  After the pumpkin patch I should have lots of pictures.


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