Saturday, October 02, 2010

Our little athletes...

Caden is our football player. He loves the games but hates the practices! So far he mostly plays center (where he spikes a mean ball) and left defensive guard. This year he isn't the smallest on the team so it is much harder to spot him out there! He has been blessed with a winning team (last year undefeated) and took quite a blow with their first loss today (by one touchdown!). He's a tough little guy and he makes us awfully proud!

Trace is our soccer player. He loves the practices (for the social aspect!) but games make him pretty nervous! This season he has played backup goalie once but mostly prefers to be in his comfort zone as defender. I think of him as a brick wall on the days he is really "on". Little gets past him and he's the type of defender I used to hate - no one gets past him! He has a natural instinct as a defender and we are sure proud of him!

Then there is little Miss. At Trace's game today she and Caden went off to play on the playground and in the trees. Every so often they either checked in or I'd glance over to try and spot them (there were other kids around too). Toward the end of the game when I hadn't seen them for a bit I looked over and noticed a child in one of the trees. At first I thought I was seeing an older child's light colored t-shirt. In a split second though it dawned on me the the movement didn't support that theory. I asked out loud if it was Paige which made everyone turn and look. By that time I was sure it was her and sat there a little in shock trying to decide what to do. She was at least 20 feet up in the air! I'm thinking maybe we should look into gymnastics rather than soccer!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Trace and for Paige...did she make it down on her own or did you guys need to go up and get her? No fear on her part huh?