Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a great day!

Wow!  What a day we had!  This morning the kids and I started off with a 3K Fitness walk that benefited the school.  We walked there to and from my parents house also!  It was also the first day of real summer weather we’ve had around here. P1060629-2

The unicycle team had their final performance of the year at the Fitness Walk.  They did a great job despite having to perform inside a space less than half of what they are used to!P1060631-2 

The unicyclists started the walk (Trace in the blue helmet).  Trace also rode the entire route on his unicycle!  It wasn’t an easy route either!!  Caden ran along side him and together they finished in 9th and 10th place!P1060636-2

I am so proud of Paige for walking the entire way!  She was hot and tired and I had a stroller but she managed to do it on her own!P1060643-2

The kids all got a medal for completing the walk.  I hadn’t told Paige and she was SO proud of that medal!  For the rest of the day she told everyone all about it.P1060649-2

After the hot walk I took the kids over to Aunt karen’s for their first swim of the year.  The water was a bit cool for me but apparently not for them!P1060655-2


Little Miss Legs!  Tiny as she is, those legs just keep on getting longer.P1060668

While Caden and Paige finished off the day relaxing at home, Trace was off to one final activity.  His cousins are Young Life leaders and tonight was the end of the year send of to the 8th graders and welcome to the incoming 6th graders.  The annual food fight is something looked forward to by all!  After everyone was covered in gunk the fire department arrived to hose them all off!  What a day, what a day…P1060673-2

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