Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Little Princess…

Paige attended her first birthday party this weekend.  The theme was pirates and mermaids but she opted to go as a princess.  None of the princess dresses she owns were quite right though so she instead opted for a hand-me-down flower girl dress.  With her hair in a heart on top of her head we headed out in eager anticipation.P1060731-2-6-9-2-bwcP1060690-2-6-9-bwP1060688-2-9-2

The party turned out to be quite an ordeal!  A bounce house, bubble machine, treats and goodies galore!  They turned their upper deck into a pirate ship, had ice cream cones to hold your popcorn and enough tooling (fabric) to fill several of bolts! P1060727-2-bwc P1060730-2-7-2-9-3P1060710-2-9-2 P1060702-3

A canine family friend even made a quick appearance in costume!  She was so adorable and clearly only barely tolerating the humiliation!  Probably the most fascinating part of the day though was that it all happened at a house I spent many hours babysitting in years (and years) ago!  Just down the street from my best friends house!  Oh, the memories…2010-06-20

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Jill said...

That is quite the party! That must have been weird to go back to that house. So many memories...good and bad with that house. LOL!