Friday, February 05, 2010

Let there be peace!

Just not at our house. Nope, no peace-lovin', war-hatin', hippies in this house. We've got rifles, pistols, bow and arrows, swords, light-sabers and just about every Nerf gun there is. They shoot caps, Nerf bullets, water and marshmallows. There is ammo everywhere and we had to upgrade to a larger storage container this last Christmas. In the summer it's our boys who haul out the weapons for all the neighborhood to enjoy. (For all I know their peace-lovin' parents hate us for it would like to show us how to love not hate.) The rules of engagement? There are none as long as you don't hurt someone. Although I did attempt to set a few rules I have found they are hard to enforce when Dad is the main one breaking them! So, at any given time of any given day it could be all out mayhem and war in our house. It does get loud. And my little girl (you know, the girly-girl) is right there in the middle of it.

So, clearly the NRA would be welcome in our house. Although they might have to duck some foam bullets. I do get a kick out of parents who refuse to allow their boys any weapons. Admittedly I was one of them for a very short time. Didn't want to be politically incorrect you know. But I got over it. Clearly.

There are moments that make me cringe though. I guess, being the mom, that is my job. Like the other night in the bathtub when Paige is slapping the bubbles and saying, "kill the bubbles, kill 'um!" Uh-huh. Or when Rick is pelting the boys so fast that they can't hardly keep up - what an example!

So, if you should ever find yourself in need of a weapon you know where to go. Water is a particularly good ammo for hot days or misbehaving cats and marshmallows work great against siblings (keeps them out of your hair as they search for the free snack). Nerf has a wide range of uses including, but not limited to, shooting super balls and sticky frogs out of high, unreachable window sills and getting rid of pesky annoyances like cats and little sisters. Multiple weapons, multiple types of ammo and definitely multiple uses!

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Stacy said...

Max is just really venturing into this "weapon" world. He got to play with a nerf dart gun a few weeks ago and hasn't stopped talking about it. Good thing his birthday is coming up!