Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Days!

We are getting Spring fever around here! 60 degree days with blue skies and sunshine - what's not to like? The kids have been outside everyday playing with the neighbors. Caden got a wild hair to dig a hole in the backyard. Fortunately we have just the place for him to dig. So he and a couple of the neighbor girls spent the entire weekend digging away. They disrupted more than a few worm homes with their fun but not to worry, Paige gave them all a nice home in her dirt filled planter pots. By the time they were done, the hole was so big that it looked like maybe they intended to bury someone back there!

Trace was around all weekend too, but he wasn't doing anything cute enough to warrant picture taking! I have a suspicion that will be the case more often than not in the coming future. He did venture outside quite a bit more than he usually does though which was good.

Now we are back to another week. Busy as usual. Paige's birthday at preschool is Thursday, Caden's last basketball game is Saturday, Sunday is the basketball party and Paige's birthday. I have more than a few things to keep straight and try to get done! What else is new though?

As soon as basketball is over Spring soccer starts for the boys. It looks like I may be coaching Caden's team but we don't know for sure yet. There is also a possibility of me working full time in the near future (well 8:15-2:00 which is full time to me!). Life is about change isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see her picking up the wormies! Collette will be so proud.