Friday, January 08, 2010

Does he look comfortable?

As I was fixing dinner last night I peeked into the living room and found this. Judging by the wrappers he wasn't overly hungry. And looking at the pillows and computer I'd say he was rather comfy too!

I'm not sure if the antibiotics are doing their job just yet though. Despite the doctor saying to keep him home a day or two I decided to keep him home again today as well. His cough sounds worse to me but I'm hoping it is just breaking up in his chest. Guess I'll be continuing to watch him over the weekend. It was interesting though that once the doctor told him he was sick - it was almost like she gave him permission - he sort of collapsed. It was kicking his behind and he just wouldn't give in! As my mom said, let's just hope that he continues to fight/deny being sick as an adult (since we all know it is not a common thing for grown men to do!).
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Jill said...

Too funny! Great picture! Hope he gets better over the weekend!