Monday, July 07, 2008

The 4th in words - slide show below

We spent last weekend at the beach with family and friends. Rick had taken it off which made it extra special for all of us! On Friday night we went down on the beach to see the show and set off a few of our own. The smoke from fires and fireworks was so think you couldn't see very far at times. The best entertainment (see slide below with same title) though was watching the rednecks get their truck out of the sand. It was an old purple Ford, a bunch of rednecks who'd been partying too long, and two newer Fords. In the end it took both newer trucks and about ten or more people pushing to get the truck unstuck. We sat and laughed the whole time (aren't we nice?). On the fifth after roaming around the little town with their cousins the boys joined us at an open house. We only intended to stay a brief time but it turned into 9-10 hours! More fireworks, lots of happy people and just a good ole time. The "what not to do" picture below is courtesy of RICK. He threw a bunch of spent fireworks and cakes into the roaring bonfire we had going. 'Supposedly' he knew there were a couple of live ones in the bunch but it scared the you-know-what out of the rest of us when they started shooting out of the fire! Sunday was nice so we spent a few hours on the beach. Trace was feeling a little bored and left out so I took him for a walk. On the way back I told him how we used to jump over the waves and it entertained us for hours when we were kids. He gave me that typical 'you really are nuts' look. So I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the waves. Now, for those who don't know, the idea is to HOP over the little ripples of foam as the come onto the beach. There is generally a bit of splashing and wetness up to the knees. Well, the tide was coming in and I think we had wandered closer to the water but suddenly a wave came at us that couldn't be hopped! We were shrieking and laughing and soaked up to the nether regions! After that it didn't matter anymore. Caden joined us and we spent a good half hour numb in the surf. Trace told me today that he was really surprised how much fun it was because according to him most of my ideas are just weird. Gee thanks!


Bailey said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend. I love the pic of Paige in the sand. She is such a doll. We miss you guys lots. Maybe someday we will all be able to get together.
Bailey & Liliana :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful 4th. Glad you enjoyed your weekend...and your "lame" idea of wave jumping turned out to probably be a highlight of the trip!