Friday, May 09, 2008

Enjoying the sunshine

Robin and I took the two little girls to the park last week to enjoy a few moments of sun! Paige wanted her shoes and socks off and then spent a large portion of her time trying to clean the sand out of her toes! She loves spending time with Robin and Collette though and had a great time. I, of course, had a lot of fun with the camera!

We haven't been up to much else around here though. I feel bad about not updating the blog very often but there just isn't much to say about our rather uneventful lives right now! The boys are doing well in school and Trace seems to be missing Chicago considerably less. He said the other day that he did miss being able to see for miles and miles to which I responded that we had apparently lived out there too long then! I think they both feel that school can't get out soon enough right now. I think I'm ready for summer too - even if it does mean a lot more bickering! Rick is still foing well and seems to definately like his new job. The biggest challenge right now is the commute between here and Fresno. We are still learning the ropes and how to maneuver the system to eliminate long layovers - we'll get it eventually. Of course that is about the time they will change his base!

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Ken and Jill Blattner said...

Look at how big our Paige is getting!! We miss you guys SOOO much. Hope you can come in sometime soon?!