Thursday, March 13, 2008

Put on a happy face...

I thought maybe I should post something since the last one was such a downer! It seems like there is something going on around here daily. I keep hoping life will slow down a little bit. I got a call from Rick yesterday morning that he was coming home. It is a really long story (I'll fill you in if you call!) but it isn't a bad thing as far as his training goes. In a few days to a week he should be going back to finish up. For now, he is home trying to get caught up on sleep mainly! As for the rest of us we are about the same. I had a conference with Trace's teacher yesterday and he is a good student which we knew. He does have a bit of an issue with talking in class -no surprise if you know Trace! His reading is at or above grade level and his vocabulary is well above - in the 98 percentile. An all around good kid. Caden is still, well Caden. I can't seem to get a hold on his anger and it errupts at the most unexpected time. All I can do is keep muddling through for now. Paige is working really hard on potty training! I had high hopes we'd be done by now but considering she is just barely two I have to give her a lot of credit. She is having about one accident on average a day and telling me she needs to go about half the time. We're getting there! As for myself, I'm hanging in there. What else can I do? I got to get away for a few hours Tuesday morning which was wonderful and I'm feeling a little more on top of things since finishing Paige's room and getting ours to a liveable condition. There is still the neverending trail that Paige leaves behind her and the boys too, and the laundry and dishes just don't wash themselves either! Life is really not all bad, just a lot to deal with at the moment and some days are better than others. I'll get some more pictures up soon!

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Stacy said...

I want to say "Hang in there" but that just sounds so bland in type.
I HATE transition and when you're in the middle of it, its just misery. Sorry!
Lets make a date to meet at the zoo or something soon, maybe for a change of pace. I only have 10 weeks until this baby comes so I need to get together with you soon, or after. Again, I love that you are in the same state again!