Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're back!!!

I am officially online again! It feels great to be connected to the outside. At the moment I do feel like I'm on the "inside" if you know what I mean. Single parenting three kids immediately following a cross country move and having one or the other of them sick almost constantly sort of makes one feel like they've been committed!

We are trying to get settled in but as I mentioned someone has been sick at one time or the other and it has been hard to get everything where I want it to be. Of course sitting here at the computer isn't helping with that either! The boys are adjusting to their new school and seem to be really liking it so far. Trace loves his teacher, and what's not to love? They apply for jobs in the classroom and earn "money" they also get money just for showing up each day, at the end of every week they have to pay rent on their desk and books! Each of the kids is building their own set of stilts using the saw, drill and sanding. Her classroom is not the tidyest, but it is definately the most fun. Caden is in afternoon kindergarten in the same room I attended kindergarten in! His teacher is really nice and a Christian too. So far he seems to be liking it. Paige has done fine with the move except for all the new people. She is meeting someone new a couple times a week which is a lot for someone who has led a rather sheltered life up to now! She seems to have had a little growth spurt and is finally wearing 18 month clothes. We will be celebrating her second birthday the end of next week already. Crazy how fast it goes. Rick is doing very well in training. There is a lot of studying and I'm pretty sure he'd love to come home and relax a little, but he is halfway there! He does get a week off from the 26th to the 4th(?). Relaxing isn't quite what I have in mind for him though! I've got shelves to hang, boxes to sort through, a bed to assemble...

For our mid-west friends... While we are definately missing you I can't say we are missing the weather! Yesterday the kids wore jeans and t-shirts and ran around in Grandma's yard and climbed a few trees! As I watched them and looked out over the mountains and trees I just kept thinking to myself that this is what we couldn't wait to get back to!

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Stacie Townsend said...

Coco, this is Stacie from playgroup! I've been wanting to email you or call you and don't have either--so email me or call me and we can get together and catch up-townsendfamily4@msn.com. I'm so excited you're back here! I can't wait to see the boys and meet Paige!