Saturday, February 23, 2008

A taste of SPRING

This is my favorite picture from the other night! It is so hard to get a genuine smile from her on camera. The kids and I are thoroughly enjoying the nice weather we've been having. A couple of days ago the boys invited the neighbor girls over to try out their new (to us) basketball hoop that is sitting on our back patio right now. They were out there until after dark! Yesterday they decided to make a garden in an unfinished part of our yard. So they have hauled garden tools out and are busy shoveling and raking and doing who-knows-what out there. I don't care though because they are outside and having fun. Let them dig! Unfortunately, if we have a typical weather pattern for around here, this is just teaser weather and we will be in for quite a bit more cold and rain before true spring hits! But we'll enjoy it while we can!

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