Sunday, October 07, 2007

Camping fun...

Well we made it through our final camping adventure of the year. Unfortunately we only made two since we were so busy driving around the US all summer! Anyway, we went with two neighbor families out to a teeny tiny town in the middle of NOWHERE! We drove on the freeway for almost an hour then headed out into the corn fields. We went through some of the littlest and most isolated towns I've ever seen. They looked just like you'd imagine a small mid-western town might look. The old houses were so cool and there we some of the most beautiful churches out there with spires rising above everything. Well we finally found the campground at the end of the road (literally) and got settled in. It was a nice campground with big spaces and lots of trees. Since it was the last weekend of the year they'd be open they celebrated Halloween. Complete with decorating contests, a haunted house, trick or treating and a dance. Now when you plan your kid's Halloween costume you usually think about how to make it warm - especially in the mid-west. Unfortunately trick-or-treating a few weeks early can be a problem for this. We had 90 degree weather all weekend!!! With about 90% humidity on top. The kids were dying in their costumes. Caden was a Seattle Seahawk, Trace is wearing Rick's old karate uniform and Paige is a fluffy, furry ladybug! By the time we returned to our campsite Trace had his whole shirt open in the front, Caden had lost his helmit and jersey and Paige had on nothing but shorts! It was one of those weekends where you give up trying not to sweat or be too hot, you just couldn't do anything but stand there dripping. We all had a great time though and managed to get packed up seconds before the rain started. Now that we are home Rick and I washed down the trailer and Suburban and I get to spend the next few days getting the inside ready for winter. Fun, fun, fun.

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