Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

Once we drug ourselves out of bed on Sunday Rick took Caden up flying. While they were gone the neighbor mentioned going to the last Jackhammer's game of the season. (minor league basseball). I knew Caden really wanted to go to one so we agreed to go. The kids were so excited! I'm not sure they saw much of the actual game but it didn't matter either. Part way through a man came over to us and asked if he could give Caden a ball - Cadne was thrilled! Then later his friend came back and gave one to Brandon too (our friends/neighbors littlest one). The bigger boys were sure jealous! The game finished off with a fireworks display the Paige was fascinated with and then autograph signing. The boys got everyone's autograph before we were able to leave!

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