Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick update - Sorry no pictures!

I didn't bring my camera cord so I can't download any pictures! It has been a while since an update though so I thought I'd just let ya'll know what we've been up to. The kids and I were planning to try and fly (standby) to Washington but were not able to get on a flight. So on our way home from the airport Rick got the great idea of driving his mom's new car out. It just happened to be in Chicago waiting to be shipped to Vancouver! So we picked the car up at 9am and left for the West by 3:00! That was Saturday (June somethingth) and we pulled into the driveway in Vancouver at 6pm Monday! I'd say we made pretty good time. The boys were excellent, they have learned to be good travelers. Paige was another story but I guess she is entitled since she was strapped into the car seat and only a year old! We have been here almost two weeks now and are hoping to get home next Tuesday. Flying standby though who knows!? Rick was out here for a while with us but had to get back to hold down the fort and go to work. The kids are having a blast and have especially loved spending time with their beloved cousins Nichole and Coleen (who are 16 and almost 14!). I'll add more updates once I home and can put pictures up too. There will be a lot of pictures too!

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