Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I guess that means both of our homes! Vancouver was wonderful and we enjoyed every day we had there. It was so nice for me to have some extra help with the kids and to get some time away from them too!! Thank you, thank you Grandma, Nana and Papa! The boys couldn't get enough of Nichole and Coleen and had a great time visiting everyone else too. Paige did incredibly well with all the new places and faces. For a few days it seemed like every time she fell asleep she woke up in a new place! Those who were patient with her though were rewarded with smiles. Rick was able to join us for just over a week which was really fun and a nice break for him. The best part of the trip for me was when my doctor recognized a spot on my face as a type of cyst and told me he could remove it! Now I have had this spot for more than two years and tried everything to get rid of it. It has bothered me, frustrated me and embarrassed me to no end. So I naturally jumped at the idea of having it removed. While he was at it I asked if he could remove the mole I've had near my mouth my entire life. Well, after looking like Frankenstein for a few days with black stitches I look (and feel) like a new person!
We arrived back in Illinois to the heat and humidity of the Mid West. It is great to sleep in my own bed (temper pedic beds ROCK!), and to just be in our own space. Paige was really excited to be home and ran around checking everything out and laughing. Now we just have to decide when and what to plan for the rest of the summer! The boys were extremely excited to find out that friends from Trace's school will be moving in next door in a couple of weeks. After that they won't want to go anywhere!

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