Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally an update!

Ok, I finally have a couple of minutes! Miss Paige has been sick with one thing or another it seems like for weeks. She is on antibiotics again for a probable sinus infection and possible double ear infections. Last night she pretty much didn't sleep and therefore neither did I! Isn't motherhood grand?!
School is almost out around here and we are looking forward to a looser schedule for a while. The boys would just like to spend the entire summer in a swimming pool! We have some plans but nothing set yet. Our plans to make it to Washington are sort of on hold because we can't afford the airfare and I refuse to fly standbye alone with all three kids! Go figure huh? I am hoping we will make it out to New Jersey to visit friends we met in China and go to our agency's annual picnic in early August. We also plan to get some camping trips in - just close to home considering gas prices!
Other than that, things are about the same out here! We may make it to Phoenix this weekend so I'll add new pictures after that!

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