Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Different Mother's Day

Mother's Day will be very different this year. Obviously because I now have three children instead of two! But also because I know my family is complete. I now have a daughter. A little girl to paint fingernails with, and hair to braid (eventually), to hopefully buy a dollhouse for and pass on my special dolls (and her Nana's and great grandma's). Yes, this mother's day will be different. Also because I have a two new mothers to honor this year. Women I've never met but dream that someday I might. One woman with love so deep for her child that she would risk her own life to give that child life. Another willing to take that child and love her for eight months only to have her heart broken. Two women I respect and admire tremendously. I may never know if Paige has her first mother's eyes or smile, and she may never know how loved "our" daughter is but I pray that deep in her soul God will give her peace. Paige and I will honor her mothers in China on Mother's Day in a personal way between the two of us. And each year I hope she will develop a stronger respect for what they did for her.


Bailey said...

What a beautiful post. Being able to honor all of Paige's mothers on Mother's Day is so special. She is one lucky little girl who is so loved by so many mothers in her life. Enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day! By the way, I just love the pig tails!


Bailey & Liliana :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Coco. Thanks for the birthday card and the mother's day wishes. TEGAN GOT TEETH. He had a really bad cold last couple of weeks and the doctors couldn't really tell us if he was teething or if it was a virus. Well this morning we finally got our answer when lying in our bed, Tegan chomped down on my finger only for me to discover the tips of his first two bottom teeth had come through. The soccer pictures turned out great, Scott is going to copy them to CD for you. Hope to see you all soon. Tell Rick and the kids we say Hello and send our love. Talk to you all soon

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

PS. Great picture of Ms. Thang and her pigtails! Love it!