Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heaven has a new angel tonight

I have followed the blogs of a couple of little boys for more than two years now. Both of them were born with a horrible, awful disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB for short. Jonah is a little cutie who, despite this disease, is thriving and growing. Tripp has not been so lucky. Tripp has suffered every possible side affect ending up with a feeding tube, trach, constant pain, blindness and the inability to even move over the last couple of months. Today he finally earned his wings. He was a special blessing whose mother has proven to be an amazing young woman. The life Tripp lived was by no means a life of high quality. Yet he touched thousands and thousands of others in his short time here - more than most of us will be able to say! He has brought about an awareness of EB that never before existed. The two years of agony he lived had a purpose and now that purpose will live on in his memory. Please say a prayer for his mother and others who loved him! His blog is in my side bar if you want to check it out.

Why do I follow these blogs? Why to I subject myself to the sadness and suffering when I don't have to? I have asked myself this many times. I don't do it to make myself sad, nor is it to make myself feel better about my life. I find it very hard to put in to words the reasons I follow these stories.

The word compassion means: (1) a deep awareness and sympathy of the sufferings of another. (2) the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

In addition to having the sorrow that is felt for the

suffering of others, it is a willingness and an urge

to assist them. The word compassion actually means

to do something about feeling sorry, to be affected

by their situation. It is to enter into another's sorrow

and pain. When we feel true compassion, we will be

moved inwardly. It means to be tenderhearted; to

be sensitive and affectionate, to be moved with

tender feelings over the pain and sufferings of others.

I have cried with and for these families. I have held my own children tighter. I have celebrated the triumphs as well - not every situation has a tragic ending. To be with these people in spirit is to feel a human connection that is unlike any other.

The suffering of innocent children is horrifying beyond words. But if we can somehow participate in suffering that we can not relieve, then somehow maybe our silent presence will relieve it.

Tonight I celebrate how well Jonah is doing while aching for the loss that Tripp's family is feeling. Do I know their pain? No. Lord willing, I never will. But if I should, then I can only imagine the comfort I might feel in knowing others were hurting with me and trying to ease my burden by simply sharing it.

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