Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

We spent the first part of Christmas Eve across the street at Rick's sister's house. Once Paige was ready to collapse we went home to play some Mexican Train and watch It's a Wonderful Life with more family.

Paige and Daddy checked out NORAD to see where Santa was.

Trace was shocked that Santa brought him the skis he had dreamed of but never in a million years thought he'd actully get!

Caden loved his little remote control helicopter! He brought it when we went to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and had a blast flying it up into their vaulted ceilings.

We had a wonderful Christmas and were so very blessed in so many ways. Not only was there food on the table and gifts galore, but we were all together as a family and everyone was healthy. Our kids are happy, we have jobs to support them. Life is good. And I am thankful.

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