Thursday, October 20, 2011

Football is our life right now!

Trace is really doing great in football this year! His team is one point (literally) from being undefeated! Trace was asked to fill in for center when the regular one broke his hand - when the regular guy returned they had a contest and Trace beat him out to keep the position! Apparently the other boy has played for three years too! I wouldn't say that Trace is an all-American football star, but he is eager to learn, asks lots of questions and works really hard to follow instructions - his coaches love him! The picture above is pretty typical of most games where the other team doubles up on him and he holds his own!
Practice in the mud! Somehow this night it rained at Caden's practice but not at Trace's 5 miles away!
Carson was excited to try on his big cousin Caden's football gear! A little future CCYF player I think!

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