Thursday, July 14, 2011



She did it!  Paige has been determined to learn to ride a two wheeler this summer.  She latched on to a neighbor’s little bike a few weeks ago and has been putsing on it every chance she gets.  There are five or six little girls on our street that are all out there holding the seat and encouraging her along too.  Well, today she finally made it several yards on her own!  She is SO proud – look at the determination on her face!


At one point a neighbor knocked on our door to ask me if I knew what my children were doing and why wasn’t I supervising them?!  LOL  She was totally giving me a bad time but did want me to come check out Caden.  There are some empty flag lots at the end of our street and the developer has been working on it recently.  So Caden and Ali have turned it into a mountain biking course!  Anyone want to place any bet on us making it through the summer without an ER visit?


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Anonymous said... predictable are you...even though it was the wrong kid!