Friday, March 18, 2011


We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a trip up to the mountain with the boys. Trace has been dying to show us his new found skills on the slopes for a few weeks now and Caden just couldn't wait to try it out. We pulled the boys out of school a little early and made it up to the mountain by 3:00. We skied until 7:30 then headed home! Caden absolutely loved it and was up and moving right away. After an hour or so on the rope tow he was bugging me about going on the lift - so I took him! Without falling we made it to the top and he was off. The only issue we had was that Caden wants to point his skis straight down and just go. He kept telling me he wanted to go faster! The problem? He didn't want to learn how to stop or turn! Little Daredevil!

Yes, that is Caden (the little red dot) flying straight down! Look at that view with the mountain in the background! It was a beautiful day.
As expected, Trace amazed us with his with how quickly he has picked up the sport. I easily forgot that he had only been up once before! We enjoyed a couple of runs together which was a lot of fun. Again, look at that scenery! Wow.

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