Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The QUESTIONS this kid asks!

Caden and I read a book on the titanic the other night. So, of course, we then had to get out the globe and plot the course they might have taken and guess where the accident might have been (I was amazingly close by-the-way). Then we had to figure out how many people survived and how many didn't and discuss what we might have done to survive (Caden would have climbed onto an iceberg since they were apparently all over). Of course there was the discussion about whether or not artifacts should be brought up or left as a memorial and then there was Caden's final idea. He decided that someone needs to invent a dome that they can drop down over the wreckage so people can go in and see it.

Tonight we finished a short little book on the Civil War. What was I thinking? That led to a half an hour of questions and discussion: What if a black family was looking at Christmas lights and someone called the police - why can't that happen to a white family(?), who thought of making black people slaves in the first place(?), why didn't they fight back and go back to Africa(?) and here's one every nine year old asks; what if it was the other way around and white people were the slaves and black people were in charge?

Criminy, this kid keeps us on our toes! His mind! It just works unlike any I've ever known...

(This is how he organized his Legos while playing with them one afternoon.)

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