Monday, April 07, 2008

A quick overnight...

When Rick got home on Saturday (he's an official pilot now by-the-way) we took off for Long Beach. We met some family down there at their lot and tried (unsuccessfully) to get to bed early. The next morning at o'dark o'clock Everyone except Paige and I got up and headed down onto the beach for a couple hours of claming. Apparently the boys had a lot of fun. Caden caught two completely on his own and Trace got several too! Paige and I got the trailer picked up and breakfast started for the cold beachgoers. We spent the afternoon burning underbrush and fallen branches from the lot - in between downpours. The boys were exhausted but didn't want to give up! They hauled, chopped and climbed all afternoon. Trace's sweats are on their second wash cycle as I type! We laughed a lot about how different camping is here in the Northwest. If it rains you just pull out the raincoats and keep going. If you let the rain stop you then you might as well not bother going at all! Anyway, we all had a good time and are ready to go again, but for now it is back to school and work (Rick's first flight is Wednesday).

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