Monday, August 27, 2007


Ahhh, the weather. Let's just say we've had some interesting weather this summer. Recently we even made national news! Apparently a town a few minutes south of us got 10 inches in one night last week. I think we did too because our sump pump decided it couldn't take any more (this was following about two weeks of rain/thinderstorms). Trace went to play downstairs and immediately came back up to tell me there was something I needed to see. I was not impressed. Two floods in one year is enough for me thank-you-very-much! We learned a little last time and most of our stuff was ok. But nearly all of our books including yearbooks were completely soaked. The good part is that each time this happens we toss out a little bit more! The basement is getting emptier each time!

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Kim said...

I would almost take the rain over the weather we have had. We have broke the record for the number of days in a year over 110 degrees. And we have MORE summer left! Ugh!!!