Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rick's projects

The only thing I asked of Rick while we were gone was to get the promised sandbox finished. Well, he spent days digging in the heat through the solid clay only to have it rain for the next several days. I kept bugging him and asking if it was done yet and he kept saying he couldn't finish it because there was too much water in it. I was imagining a thin layer of water - not a swamp. Or as the neighbors have started calling it 'the mud pit". Threasa says we qualify as the neighborhood white trash now! Well, while he was waiting for the water to drain he decided to assemble a swing set to surprise the boys. They were so excited when they saw it and it has gotten a lot of use already. As for the pool - oh yeah, sandbox, believe it or not the water is STILL draining and we've been home a week in 100 degree weather! I think we have a problem.